Recently, sightings of the legendary "Baby Eater" have been reported. Some say that he was seen breaking into the couples apartment. "He came through the window, and sneaked throughout the house while we were about to go to bed. we heard the baby start to cry, which was unusual because the baby was sound asleep like he always is." The police department have started to look into the recent attacks on the people of this city. More updates will be coming soon. Until then lock your doors and windows, and last but least hide you baby. 

Austin v. Ratman


    Ratman was Austins worst enemy. Ratman had all sorts of powers, such as Telepetheticy. This meant Ratman could look in the fu be continued
    So, one day, Austin was out on a walk. Since Austin always scares people away when they see him, the streets were cleared. Austin was feeling hungry, so he ran up to the nursury in a day care. "Who are you," asked the secretary. Unable to speak, because he can't, Austin jumped to her and ripped her head off her shoulders. Now that Austin had gotten past the secretary, nothing stood in his way of the nursury room. When he arrived at the nursury, he had to kill the person that watched the babies. He killed her using a concealed butterfly knife. She fell to the ground dead. He ran up to a baby, and started to devour it alive, luckily, the SWAT team arrived just in time to stop him, but he still escaped. Now, he is in his heavily protected cabin in the woods.
    One day, on a dark december night, a nice family was camping in a house near Snoqualmie Pass. Late that night, the baby started crying. The mother woke up to check on the baby. When she got to the crib, the baby was not there. Suddenly, the oven turned on. The mom went into the kitchen and saw a clown. The clown said, "Hello, your baby is dead, now i will kill you very slowly. Luckily, the mom, passed out soon after the torturing commenced. She died soon after, and the dad died of a heart attack when he saw Austin.

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